Inner journeys to activate your vital power for balance, wellbeing + vitality


Our Mission

Christina, founder of Raw Mojo, has created a nurturing, safe and sacred space where people can connect with their inner essence. Raw Mojo aims to reconnect people to their inner spark and activate their life force, purpose and vitality. We host weekly Chakradance sessions that guide people through their own transformational inner journeys. We also provide personalised support to our clients in the form of one to one Spontaneous Transformation & Chakradance consultations for further deepening practices.

Raw Mojo stands for integrity, authenticity and passion in everything that we do because this is what allows you to come from a place of Truth within yourself. We attract those who are seeking a deeper relationship and expression with themselves and others.

Christina is an accredited Chakradance instructor and associate member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapists.

Our Core Values

We practice high ethical standards in our business, with our clients and stakeholders.

We continue to learn and expand our knowledge and delivery of chakra energy practices.

It’s important to provide our clients a safe and sacred space for transformation.

We respect the diverse needs of all of our clients and cater to all ranges of ability.