Chakradance Classes

Why not start with an introduction to Chakradance with the ‘7 Keys to Freedom’ class.

Continue to awaken your senses with the new in-depth eight-week ‘Freedom’ course of 90-minute workshops with each class focusing on a different chakra – as well as an integration class.

Delve deeper with the monthly ‘Journeying’ class, where we explore and journey through one chakra each session.

CHAKRADANCE SYDNEY by Natalie SouthgateSEPT 2002(C) TESS PENI $25 per one-hour 7 Keys/Discovery class

$35 per two-hour Journeying class

$250 for the 8-week full Awaken Your Chakras course

Bookings via Eventbrite

Private classes, one-to-one consultations and special eventsprice on request




Reboot Your Base Chakra Retreat Nov 17-19 email for enquiries + bookings