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Sattva Yoga

In Sanskrit, ‘sattva’ means lucidity, lightness, happiness, tranquility, and non-attachment.

Sattva Yoga is a holistic, integrative, and transformative practice that incorporates all the technologies that ancient yogis developed over the millennia to help people heal and integrate mind, body, and spirit, in order to realize the Self, expand consciousness, and experience abiding bliss.

The Sattva Yoga practice is a dynamic blend of hatha yoga, meditation, prānāyāma (yogic breathing), kriyā, Himalayan kundalini practices, mantra, freedom movement, and transcendental wisdom.

The practice is designed for personal growth and transformation, to help you transcend old patterns and realize that the magic of creation is flowing within you. It opens the mind and the heart, fostering fearlessness as well as vulnerability.

Sattva Yoga teachings are integrative, holistic and deeply transformative for all aspects of human existence. The ever-evolving practice at the core of the teachings is both ancient and modern.

Rooted in the rich Vedantic and Tantric traditions of the Himalayas, the teachings integrate radical and relevant wisdom with meditation; breathwork; techniques from Kundalini and Kriya Yoga traditions; deepening connection through Laya, Bhakti and Sufi practices; the healing power of sound; free movement and Hatha Yoga asanas.

Anand Mehrotra brought these teachings down from the Himalaya Mountains years ago as part of an ancient lineage that extends through the Tantra yoga of a thousand years ago to the ancient Vedic teachings. Sattva Yoga practices are ancient, but also adapted to modern life.

We practice what’s most effective for increasing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, and for supporting the evolution of the individual and all of humanity.

Sattva Yoga is perfect for both experienced asana practitioners and those who are new to yoga.

Sattva yoga inspires people to experience freedom, radical aliveness and their authentic selves on every level.

I invite you to come and try this beautiful and deeply transformative practice.

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One-to-One sessions via Zoom and YouTube mean you can develop your personalised yoga and meditation practice from the comfort of your home.