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Have you ever walked away from a conversation where you felt you just weren’t heard?

Whether you were silent or you tried to speak but your words just came our wrong, there is something so disempowering about not being heard. Often it brings back painful memories of childhood when we were told our voice was not welcome, too silly, too loud, too childish.

Many of us carry years of these kinds of interactions in our memory bank, in our body memory, and much of this is energetically stored at the Throat Chakra.


The Throat Chakra is the centre of communication. From a conversation at the grocery store to saying “I do” at the altar, every conversation you have adds or depletes energy at this point in your body.

But communication is a relationship. It involves listening as much as speaking. The Throat Chakra also rules the ears. When you hold back from saying what you want or stop listening, your Throat Chakra can become blocked.

This may manifest in the form of a physical irritation, dry throat, blocked ears, aversion to wearing things around your neck, or it may come out in your dreams. It will definitely affect your ability to communicate.

Our words, and the intention behind them, hold vibrations and therefore impact our entire being. When we complain, gossip, lie, or talk negatively, it is as though we are putting toxins into our bodies and into our energy systems. The negative energy of our words also affects other people.

After I danced the Heart Chakradance this week a heaviness had settled on my heart. I knew it was the energetic residue of this recent interaction that had left me so thwarted in my expression.

I put the Throat Chakradance Journeying music on and entered the mantradance – this is a practice of chanting a mantra whilst dancing, the movement and the sound creating a wonderfully hypnotic experience, where we can slide into a deep meditative state.

Sound and movement are natural partners. Unfortunately many of us feel inhibited to make sounds, let alone to move at the same time.

It was such sweet release. Just that pure self expression, that freedom to express sound without restraint.

Chakradance Journeying will take you deep into your Throat Chakra the seat of your creativity, to give you the opportunity to work with any ‘stuckness’ that you may feel in the throat area.

This stuckness can be about a life situation in the present or the past. It can relate to something ancestral or global.

Allowing your body to move the sounds through space as freely as you wish helps you get in touch with a time when your voice was strong and visible, and movement flowed freely. Let this dance become a vehicle for the creative expression of your true essence.

The dance will help you tune into the power of vibrations. When you become more aware of the world on a vibrational level, you open up to communication on a different level – you ‘tune into’ the vibes. You can feel when something, someone, or a place ‘resonates’ with you.

We begin the Throat Chakradance with gentle neck movements (moving neck slowly from side to side) and begin to sense how we feel in the Throat Chakra. The dance is based on a mantradance. Each chakra has a mantra which when chanted acts as a doorway into the chakra.

The mantra for the Throat Chakra is “ham” (pronounced hum). We will begin with a few minutes of purely focusing on sounding the mantra – inhale through your nose and exhale with the mantra sound of “ham”.

And then we will move into the mantradance, where we weave together sound (ham) and movement. This is a practice inspired by Tibetan culture, where monks carry out mystical rituals combining chanting with delicate movements of the body.

This dance will begin to activate inner experiences – it is almost like entering into a waking dream. You may see images in your mind’s eye while you are dancing, or recall memories or gain insights. You may experience feelings, emotions or physical sensations.

It’s an organic unfoldment of what’s inside this chakra. In Chakradance we ask you to be mindful of your experiences, to observe them, witness them, be present to your own experience. This is the way we shift our energy.

Join me for Throat Chakra week at Raw Mojo Chakradance.

Hari om tat sat. Namaste. Blessings!

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What is Chakradance? Sacral chakra


What is Chakradance?

Starting at the Base Chakra, we use sound and movement to connect in with our subtle energy or chakras, releasing stuck energy, activating and cleansing our vital life force energy for vitality and wellbeing.

The sacral chakra is the centre of our emotions and sensuality. In it’s full expression it enables us to live creatively and full of joy in the sensual experience of being alive.

Here’s a little video I made to show you a taste of the sacral Chakradance. Why not try it for yourself… ❤

Mantra your chakras 2 The Sacral Chakra

Moving from our root into our sacral chakra. Here we begin to explore how we feel, in our body, in ourselves, and in the world around us.

This is our sensory domain, translated in sanskrit as “our own inner place.” Svadhisthana. ‘Svadha’ in sanskrit also means sweetness or pleasure. This is our own sweet spot.

Water is the element associated with the sacral chakra, so play the video, either stare at the ocean there or close your eyes as I take you through a meditation adapted from one by Anodea Judith.

(Note: this video goes for about an hour so you may want to set a timer for a shorter period of time, say 5-10 minutes)

Begin by grounding yourself, either sitting on the floor or on a chair and feel your spine or your feet rooted to the earth.

Feel the crown of your head connected to the energy of the divine or the source.

Imagine the line of energy that extends from your crown to your root chakra, and then bring your awareness to a point on this line around your pelvis and lower belly.

Settle into your own place. Focus on your breath, feel how it moves your chest and belly. 

Notice the sensations within you and around you, notice the ‘you’ that is feeling these sensations. 

Notice the temperature in the room, are there any sounds? Tuning into your feelings, are you tired, bored, restless?

Drop your awareness down into your lower belly, hips and pelvis.

Gently pull your lower belly in towards your spine as you exhale, and expand your lower belly out on the inhale. 

If you find it hard to physically do this, just imagine it.

Imagine you are breathing in and filling up your lower belly with water. Imagine your pelvis like a bowl you can fill up. It’s your own body of water.

As you breathe in and out with your focus on this body of water in your sacral chakra, begin to chant the mantra “vam” alongside the video.

You may find yourself intuitively swaying or rocking your hips. Go with it! This is the chakra of your inner ocean, let those waves roll.

When you have finished. Again draw your awareness back to your root chakra and your connection to the earth.

Sit quietly for a moment before going about your day. Notice your sensations, sounds, tastes, feelings throughout the day.

Let your entire day become a chakra meditation.

Hari om tat sat. Namaste. Blessings.

Try Chakradance – Rhythm for your soul

Art credit: the beautiful work of Sheranda Ann Kumara features in this week’s post